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Juka Cryosauna

Whole Body Cryotherapy

• Decreases Inflammation & Pain

• Decreases Stress and Anxiety

• Increased Blood Circulation

• Boosts Immune System

• Reverse Signs of Aging

• Increased Collagen Production

• Reduction of Muscle Soreness

• Increases stamina & Energy Levels

• Faster Recovery

• Weight Loss; Burn 500 to 800 calories 

Face of a Woman

• Reverses Signs of Aging

• Tightens Skin

• Reverses Signs of Aging

• Increased Collagen Production

• Improves Skin Conditions

• Diminishes Inflammation

• Decreases Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Local Cryotherapy Session

Localized Cryotherapy

• Reduction of Muscle Soreness

• Quicker Injury Recovery Time 

• Speeds up Sports Recovery

• Reduces Pain & Inflammation

• Improves Joint Function

• Relieves Tendonitis

• More Powerful and Efficient than Icing

Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

PEMF uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to bathe low energy cells in pure, raw energy. Each cell in your body is actually a capacitor, or battery, which holds a charge. Your entire body is electrical and your cells each need a measurable electrical charge to function optimally. In order to maintain good wellness, cells must be doing their jobs. PEMF Exercise supports the body’s natural abilities to optimize balanced body functions.

Recommended course of treatment

  • 10 Sessions at 45 minutes for Regenerative Program for acute issues/recent injuries

  • 20 Sessions at 45 minutes for Regenerative Program for focal chronic pain

  • 50 Sessions at 45 minutes for Advanced Regenerative Program of multiple areas of dysfunction, full system recharge and long standing chronic issues.


PEMF has been Shown to:

  • Help with chronic (long term) muscle pain and acute pain from new injuries

  • Support healthy bone structure and healing after breaks or fractures

  • Accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue

  • Reduce pain, inflammation, the effects of stress on the body, and platelet adhesion

  • Promote quicker recovery time after strenuous physical workouts

  • Help alleviate joint aches and pains by supporting healthy cartilage function

  • Relax muscles and nerves

  • Help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic headaches and/or seasonal allergies, depression, anxiety, and head trauma

  • Improve energy, circulation, blood and tissue oxygenation, sleep quality, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the uptake of nutrients, cellular detoxification and the ability to regenerate cells.

  • Balance the immune system and stimulate RNA and DNA

Local Cryotherapy can be used to target specific areas of the body, delivering the benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy locally.  Clients frequently combine this treatment with WBC, to treat specific problem areas.  

A Cryofacial™ is a non-invasive, pain-free cold treatment applied to the neck and face during a short session that stimulates a variety of anti-aging benefits.

Localized Cryotherapy Session
Juka Cryosauna at Ventura Cryo

What is Whole Body Cryotherapy?

WBC is the body’s exposure to extreme cold to activate the body’s natural healing mechanisms during a two-three minute session. The exposed skin reacts to the temperature change by sending messages to the brain that stimulate natural regulatory functions of the body, the release of anti-inflammatory molecules, endorphins, toxins, and increases oxygen circulation within the bloodstream.​​

What to Wear During your Treatment

  • Suggested clothing options: Underwear, shorts, bra/bathing suit. Less clothing will maximize exposure. If wearing a bra, please be sure there is no metal wire

  • Remove or cover any jewelry or metal piercings located below your neck

  • Thermal socks, booties, gloves, and robe will be provided by Ventura Cryo

How does Cryotherapy Compare to an Ice Bath?

Two to three minutes in the Cryosauna, which is a cold, dry nitrogen vapor, is equivalent to 20-30 minutes in an ice bath without the uncomfortable feeling of submerging in ice-cold water. The body reacts to the Whole Body Cryotherapy treatment by releasing anti-inflammatory proteins and endorphins resulting in super-charged blood; Ice baths do not supercharge the blood like Cryotherapy.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in the Juka Cryosauna

NormaTec Compression Therapy for Muscle Recovery

NormaTec increases blood flow to your legs and encouraging your body to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to those areas -- you can speed up recovery, relieve pain and improve athletic performance. 

Come check them out and see why NormaTec is the biggest name in compression therapy. With NormaTec ther is no more excuse to skip leg day! Recover faster at Ventura Cryo with a 45 minute NormaTec Session!

History of Cryo

How did Whole Body Cryotherapy Originate?

Benefits Explained

Review the list of Cryo benefits explained...  You will not find this anywhere else!


Why Do College Football and NFL Players Use Whole Body Cryotherapy?

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