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NanoVi ™ Technology


The Ultimate innovation to support health, performance and healthy aging

NanoVi is a bio-identical signaling device to promote vitality at the cellular level. The NanoVi device helps protect and reinstate essential protein functions. The loss of proper protein function comes from oxidative stress and is the underlying cause of aging and chronic diseases. Water is known to play a key role in enabling proteins to fold into the structures that are required for proper function. NanoVi technology uses the special properties of water (exclusion zone or EZ) to influence protein folding, which in turn improves cellular function.

Water droplets in a humidified airstream are exposed to a specific bio-identical signal as they pass through excitation units inside the NanoVi device. This EZ-enhanced humidity is inhaled through the nose using a touch-free delivery system. Thanks to the unique properties of water in the body, the effects of the NanoVi device are transferred from the EZ droplets, through the mucus membrane, to all proteins in all cells. NanoVi technology boosts a naturally occurring biological repair process to improve cellular activities in general.

What to Expect During Your NanoViTM Treatment

The NanoVi™ treatment is a safe and effective. Sessions typically last between 15 and 30 minutes and can easily be done concurrently with other treatments. The NanoVi™ device sits on a tabletop and transmits its signal through moist air via a touch-free Flex-Arm.

So who’s using NanoVi and why?

Sports & Performance: Athletes will find NanoVi is one of the most advanced ways to optimize performance. Trainers and athletes notice faster regeneration, sharper concentration, stronger immunity for intense training, faster reflexes and better utilization of nutrients. Some of the tests used to show that NanoVi technology is useful to athletes included the measures of:

  • Lactate in blood

  • DNA damage

  • Inflammatory markers

  • Immune response

Health & Prevention: whether addressing an illness or maximizing vitality and quality of life, improving cellular activity is essential. Improved cellular activity helps counteract the damage of oxidative stress, which is implicated in the aging process and most diseases. Since the incidence of chronic disease is on the rise, reducing oxidative stress damage is increasingly important for your good health, quality of life and performance.


Wellness & Healthy Aging: Decades of medical research suggests that the cells ability to metabolize oxygen begins to decline when people are in their 30s. People in their 40s may notice lower energy levels and by the time they are in their 50’s most are looking for ways to look and feel younger.

NanoVi’s approach relies on a unique way of influencing cellular activities to support health and help slow the aging process at the cellular level. Whether your goal is to look great, remain vital well into old age, or both, healthy cellular activity is the key.

Effects and Benefits of NanoViTM Technology

  • Counteract stress and anxiety

  • Adress chronic disorders

  • Increase alertness and mental clarity

  • Better utilization of oxygen and nutrients

  • Stronger cell energy production

  • Improved cell metabolism

  • Faster regeneration of cellular damage

  • Better protection against free radical damage

  • Stronger immunity

  • More energy

  • More vibrant skin

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