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How Did Whole Body Cryotherapy Originate?

        It's been widely known by human civilizations around the planet, especially in colder regions where Winter weather drops below zero, that immersing oneself into the icy waters for just a few minutes creates an exhilarating sensation, especially when you get out and begin to warm back up. Still, what if you could do that without the wet feeling without your hands and feet feeling like they are freezing off, without going completely numb and worrying about drowning in the process?


Well, problem solved with Whole Body Cryotherapy which uses liquid nitrogen gas to rapidly cool the temperature to 150-250 degrees below zero. To get the same benefits from let's say an ice-bath, it would take 30-45 minutes, and trust me, even if you were a diehard masochist you would dread even the thought it, and it's not that you couldn't work up to that duration over a period of time, and build your strength of character in the process, it's just there is a much better way now with Whole Body Cryo.


In Japan in the late 70's Dr. Yamaguchi began using cryosurgery type techniques on his patients for just a few minutes at a time attempting to ease the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. He found that merely applying freezing gas to the skin reduced inflammation and reduced pain. The pain was absent to patients often for many days. News of his findings spread across the world (to Europe and the US) and today, it is an accepted way to alleviate pain.


Soon athletes learned that it stopped pain from sports injuries, and others found it helpful for all sorts of ailments. Most NFL players now use whole body cryotherapy rather than ice baths, and who can blame them, a large number of these players have their own personal cryo-chambers in their luxury homes? Olympic athletes use whole body cryotherapy to lessen the pain from muscle injury and speed recovery from their intense workouts. Iron Man champions, Tour de France cyclists, and ultra-endurance athletes swear by it.


Today, folks are choosing whole body cryotherapy over the expensive and potentially addicting use of pharmaceutical pain medication, and for good reason if you've looked at the statistics on this problem.


New health benefits are constantly being shared Internet blogs, online forums, and social media, while medical researchers are busy documenting the empirical evidence with extensive testing to verify the results. Each quarter we read in medical and health journals more evidence that whole body cryotherapy provides better health, chronic pain relief, improved athletic performance, better blood circulation, positive psychological benefits, healthier skin, detoxification, increased energy, reduced body fat, anti-aging, living with arthritis and fibromyalgia, and there appears to be no end in sight as to just how many ways whole body cryotherapy treatment might help us.


Consumers of Cryotherapy excitedly tell of its uplifting mood power elevating them to a euphoric state of well-being, which is just icing on the cake.


Apparently, Dr. Yamaguchi was onto to something, his legacy in the whole body cryotherapy community lives on. Now it is available and affordable to you and I.

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