What is a Cryofacial™?

CryoFacials are a totally new concept. A CryoFacial harnesses the power of super-cooled nitrogen vortex gas flow to stimulate collagen production, tighten wrinkles, reduce pore size and bring blood flow back to the regions of your face. CryoFacials are a pain free treatment, stimulating many anti-aging benefits in a completely non-invasive procedure.


At Ventua Cryo we've purchased state-of-the-art equipment allowing us to safely and effectively apply localized cryotherapy to the face, even eyelids without damage to the skin. In fact, we rejuvenate your thin eyelid skin as we go. There is probably no other facial treatment that can do so much so fast as a cryofacial. Of course, this isn't a silver bullet, you still must keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and moisturized, however with cryofacials in your arsenal it will change what you see in the mirror and others will immediately notice the difference. How about a healthier happier and younger looking you?

Frequently asked questions

How Does A CryoFacial™ Work?

First, we cool the entire region; the scalp, neck, face, and forehead, Next we move the nitrogen gas spraying nozzle around your head, never concentrating very long on any one area. While we are moving the cold air around your head, we are helping your hair follicles prosper, and you don't have to worry about your hair freezing as it would if we were using oxygen or hydrogen-enriched gas. As our highly skilled technicians continue the procedure we focus on your pores, laugh lines, scarred areas, and any wrinkles - while carefully keeping the skin and entire area at the proper surface temperature throughout the procedure.

How Will Cryofacial Therapy Help Me?

After a Cryofacial you will have a radiant look about you, a "runner's glow" if you will. Your facial skin, chin, and neck will have tightened temporarily, and you will super energize collagen production as well which will be the long-term effect. Collagen is the key to a younger looking skin. With continued use, your blood circulation will improve on and around your face, improving your complexion, and your skin's elasticity. If you have any facial scarring, acne scars, or skin blemishes, you will see a reduction here too. CryoFacials will decrease pore size, this makes your skin look tighter, younger and feel smoother.

Are CryoFacials Safe?

Yes, no need to worry about your eyes, as you merely close your eyes, as the streaming nitrogen vapor soothes the skin. Your eyelids will even thank you, as the skin there is also rejuvenated, although we will only briefly directly apply the cryo to them, as the thin skin doesn't take much to cool down. If you were in a freezing cold blizzard you'd close your eyes and the natural evolution of eyelashes and eyelid would protect your eyes in the same way. In the case of a Cryofacial the airflow PSI (pounds per square inch) is very low, that's why this is no problem to safety. What about frost-bite on my lips, nose, and ears? Good Question, and once again; no problem there either, as the whole process takes less than 10-minutes from the time the air-stream becomes vapor until we are completed. At all times we monitor the skin temp with a laser and a handheld device. If redness starts to appear we move to another area, allowing your skin to slowly adjust to the subzero temperature. If you feel a stinging sensation we slow down the process, and if it continues we simply stop. It's safe.

Any Prep needed before a Cryofacial™?

(1) You do need to make sure your hair is 100% dry, as any moisture could cause the hair to start freezing.

(2) Be sure to tell the technician if you've had Botox Injections within the last 48 hours, as Botox has a polymer chain (plastic) in it and it can freeze, which could cause discomfort. In this case, you need to reschedule the following week instead.