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Why Do College Football and NFL Players Use Whole Body Cryotherapy?

         Hardcore and elite athletes playing football today know how difficult it is to stay in peak shape throughout the season and through all the common injuries which go along with this level of play. The competition is fierce, training extreme, and injuries are just part of the game. The speed of play, size of the players and ruthlessness of those who seek winning above all else often sacrifice their bodies for each yard makes it the perfect storm for chronic pain and injury.


With these facts both known and accepted elite players need an edge to offset the pain that comes with those gains. Often your body doesn't have time to fully heal, recuperate, or recover before you are asked to do it all again in practice or in the midst of the battle during a game. Soreness, pain, and mental fatigue go along with the territory, so anything you can do to alleviate that or bring some sense of normalcy back to your aching body is a gods send.


This is where whole body cryotherapy comes in. Inflammation in joints causes pain, and there is the ever present muscle pain from strength training (micro tears in muscle tissue) and from slamming into other opponents causing soreness. Whole body cryotherapy does wonders for muscle pain and sore joints. With reduction in or a complete absence of pain, your body sleeps better giving your immune system a huge boost enhancing the body's healing process.

Football Player

 What did all these athletes do before whole body cryotherapy?


Simple, we all know the drill, we engaged in a form of water torture. Ice packs, ice baths, cold showers, going from cold to hot; 20 minute ice bath to 20 minute Jacuzzi or just shivering until reaching normal temperature; and cold shower to hot shower in sequence sometimes 5-6 times in a row. We used ice packs then smelly products like Bengay type creams. We had physical trainers, or operated on ourselves wrapping our arms, feet and/or legs with athletic/medical tape after shaving our hairy skin, then when it was over we'd rip it all off in pain, telling ourselves; "no pain, no gain" or use some other 'swear word ritual' because it is unmanly to scream.


Hey, if you are into that, good on you mate, but if you want less pain and more gain - then whole body cryotherapy is now available, affordable, and it's fast and effortless. It even gives you an endorphin rush making you feel good when you are done. Yes, definitely a striking juxtaposition to the old days of 'chronic pain' as some sort of right-of-passage from bench warmer to star starter. Forget all that, we have a new player in town.


Tell me more about whole body cryotherapy?


It's simple and you are going to love it. An athlete going in for 2 to 3 whole body cryotherapy sessions per week of 2-3 minutes each can perform the grueling workouts, heavy training, and pulverizing hits that accompany America's most physically demanding and punishing sport without chronic pain. As one Super Bowl Coach said; "You are either part of the steamroller or part of the pavement," later the MVP added, "sometimes you are both, and being able to get back up is what defines great teams." Whole body cryotherapy allows you to show up fresh, get back up, and do it again so you can focus on winning.


Whole body cryotherapy doesn't lessen the impact of these hits or muscle strains, as only the strong can survive that, whole body cryotherapy just helps you from being sore for days on end in the aftermath. It allows you sleep free from pain. Perhaps this is why the top football players swear by whole body cryotherapy. Let us know when you are ready to ditch the pain and up your game.

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